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Joe Hisaishi meets Kitano films

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Joe Hisaishi meets Kitano films

music by Joe Hisaishi, film by Takeshi Kitano
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2001 - Universal

Importance matérielle :
1 CD
The Rain (Kikujiro)
Drifter... in lax (Brother)
Raging men (Brother)
Ballade (Brother)
Brother (Brother)
Silent love (main theme) (A Scene at the sea)
Clifside waltz III (A Scene at the sea)
Bus stop (A Scene at the sea)
Sonatine 1 - act of violence (Sonatine)
Play on the sands (Sonatine)
Kids return (Kids return)
No way out (Kids return)
Thank you,... for everything (Hana-bi)
Hana-bi (Hana-bi)