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Extend the 80s electro

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Extend the 80s electro

essential 12" and extended mixes of 80's electro classics
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2018 - Warner

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Extend the
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3 CD
Living on the ceiling (extended version) / Blancmange
The Message (extended) / Grandmaster Flash
Showing out (Get fresh at the weekend) (Mortgage mix) / Mel & Kim
Moments in love (Massey mix one) / 808 State vs Art Of Noise
Quiet life (12" mix) / Japan
Life in Tokyo (extended) / Japan
Amour amour (extended) / Mobiles
No stoppin' that rockin' (Tom Moulton mix) / Instant Funk
Pop muzik (Nik Launay '79 12") / M
Break dance (electric boogie) / West Street Mob
Close (to the edit) (Closely closely, enough's enough mix) / Art Of Noise
I ran (so far away) / A Flock Of Seagulls
Get ready (extended version) / Carol Hitchcock
Snobbery and decay (extended) / Act
99 red balloons (club mix) / Nena
Dr Mabuse (13th Life mix) / Propaganda
People hold on (full length disco mix) / Coldcut feat Lisa Stansfield
Beat box (diversion 1) / Art Of Noise
Absolutely immune (extended version) / Act
Michael Caine (12" extended mix) / Madness
Waiting for a train (disco version) / Flash And The Pan
Wishing I had a photograph of you / A Flock Of Seagulls
Mirror in the bathroom (Sure Is Pure remix) / The Beat
New song (new version) / Howard Jones
Club country (12" mix) / The Associates
I am a camera (12" mix) / Buggles
Cambodia (reprise) / Kim Wilde
See how it cuts (limited edition extended club dub dance remix version) / I Start Counting
Relax (New York mix) / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Rap boy rap (Love on your side) (12" extended version) / Thompson Twins