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Mento madness

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Mento madness

Motta's jamaican mento, 1951-56
Publication - Editeur

2004 - Sony

Importance matérielle :
1 CD
She pon top / Baba Motta & his Jamaicans
Blu-lu-lup / Lord Fly with Dan Williams & his Orchestra
Manassa with the tight foot pants / Lord FLy with Don Williams & his Orchestra
Me dog can't bark / Monty Reynolds & The Shaw Park Calypso Band
Medley of Jamaican mento : Fan me solja man, fan me - One solja man -Yah no hear weh de old man seh - Slide mongoose / Lord Fly with Dan Williams & his Orchestra
Linstead market / Lord Messam & his Calypsonians
This long time gal a never see you / Monty Reynolds & the Silver Seas Orchestra
Healin' in the balmyard / Harold Richardson & The Ticklers
Monkey talk / Hubert Porter with George Mosey & his Calypso Quintet
Glamour gal / Harold Richardson & The Ticklers
Come we go down a unity - Old Lady O - Linstead market / Boysie Grant with Reynols' Calypso Clippers
Solas market / Boysie Grant with Eddie Brown & Reinolds' Calypso Clippers
Country gal / Harold Richardson with Charlie Binger & his Quintet
Swine lane gal - Iron bar / Lord Fly with Don Williams &his Orchestra
Sweet Charlie - Mattie rag - Nobody busines / Boysie Grant with Reynolds' Calypso Clippers
Hill & gully ride - Mandeville Rd / Lord Composer & The Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra
Dry weather house / Hubert Porter & George Moxey & his Calypso quintet
Big big sambo gal - Mattie rag / Lord Fly with Dan Williams & his Orchestra