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Time tough

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Time tough

the Anthology
Publication - Editeur

1996 - Universal

Importance matérielle :
2 CD
Six and seven books of Moses
Broadway jungle
It's you
Never you change
John and James
54-46, that's my number
Do the reggay
Desmond Dekker came first
Sweet & Dandy
Monkey man
Peeping Tom
One eyed enos
She's my scorcher
Pressure drop
Pomp & pride
Funky Kingston
Take me home, country roads
Time tough
In the dark
Reggae got soul
Living in the ghetto
Hallelujah (live)
Get up, stand up
My love is so strong
Chatty, chatty
Gee whiz
Just like that
Careless ethiopians
Never get weary
Spend the weekend
Beautiful woman
Bam bam
Spiritual healing
B for butter
Peace, perfect peace
You know
(I've got) Dreams to remember
Precious, precious
Hard to handle
Freedom train